Personal Leadership Planning for Women Workshop

This one-day introduction to discovering your leadership capability is aimed at anyone with high potential, who has progressed quickly to date in their career and has line manager and/or budget responsibility.

Each module covered on this introduction will run as a standalone workshop in 2019.

The course will include theory, practice and exercises to embed the learning and make it an interactive and stimulating day.

Personality and communication style

Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy has shown that first impressions are judged on two parameters, competence and warmth. What first impression do you make?

Mini personality profile

Introduction to communication styles

Dealing with your opposite

Skills and strengths

We associate certain leadership skills with men and others with women. Research shows the most effective leaders need a balance. We’ll examine which competencies women tend to underuse.

What skills do you need to succeed and where are your gaps?

What are your natural strengths?

What strengths are valued in your organisation?

How can you develop the skills you need?

Career Planning

Only 25% of women talk to their managers about developing leadership skills.

An internal report from Hewlett-Packard found that women will only apply for a job if they meet 100% of the requirements vs 60% for men

Career review, where are you now?

Where do you want to go?

What are the decisions you need to think about?

What’s your timeline?

Career Resilience

Women often have more demands on them outside of the workplace, resilience is key. Women are 1.5x less likely than men to apply for a job if they have previously been rejected for a similar role.

What will drive you vs trip you up?

Planning your navigation

Building resilience for the future


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