creating female leaders

This introduction to leadership run in two half-day sessions really punches above its weight.

Next dates September 29th & October 6th 09.30 – 13.00

What is it?

The course includes theory, practical exercises and concludes with setting individual goals. It’s interactive, stimulating and designed to get people thinking differently about their approach to leadership. The four modules covered across the two sessions examine the cornerstones of modern leadership and are all offered as standalone workshops where the themes are explored in more detail.

Who should come?

It’s aimed at emerging leaders, those with high potential or taking on additional responsibility and Women who are dealing with challenges or obstacles that they need to reframe.

What will they get out of it?

  • A broader understanding of different leadership styles and approaches
  • Increased self-awareness of their own strengths and development areas
  • How to build their resilience in the workplace
  • Understanding different communication styles
  • An actionable career plan


The norms on what constitutes good leadership are changing as well as the range of leadership styles.

More women in senior leadership positions is now a requirement that is proven to deliver to the bottom line.

  • What are your natural strengths?
  • What strengths are valued in your company or industry?
  • What skills do you need to succeed and what are your gaps?


We all use the word resilience but do we actually know what it means or how resilient we are? Managing resilience is an absolute essential in today’s workplace and leaders need more of it than most.  We will briefly look at:

  • Birdsoup’s resilience model
  • Resilience resources
  • Applying the model to participants own personal situation


Harvard professor Amy Cuddy has shown that first impressions are judged on two parameters: competence and warmth. What first impression do you make and how do you judge others?

  • What’s your default communication style?
  • What qualities do you bring to a team
  • Dealing with your “opposite”
  • What can happen on a bad day


    Having a career plan is vital for everyone but even more so for women, who face a number of major transitions throughout their lives.  We finish the course by looking at the following and setting personal goals:

        • Past, present and future work/life
        • Resources and skills required to achieve future success
        • Personal goals in the short, mid and long-term

    Don’t just take our word for it

    “Jo and Alison at Birdsoup are the best duo to help create next-generation female leaders, today!”

    “Birdsoup’s Women in Leadership workshop really enabled me to focus on what type of leader I am, and want to be, going forward in my career”

    “Having managed and lead teams for about eight years now, this is the first time I’ve attended a course that just ‘gets it’”

    “Jo and Alison understand the barriers facing women in the workplace today and this workshop leaves you feeling empowered and ready to step it up a gear in your career and life”


    “I came out feeling more confident, inspired and raring to go, the recipe for a great leader!”

    “I’ve learnt ways of being more resilient, adaptable and generally a lot more satisfied in my career and life”

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