OUR Approach

We deal with some weighty topics. Gender equality? Hell, we’re not going to achieve it with a glossy pamphlet or an hour-long Skype. We have strategies in our arsenal to get to the root, identify weakness and incite change.All of our programmes and courses use a blended approach to learning and are broadly made up of the following elements:


Put simply, an audit designed to identify the best place to start addressing the issues. You may know where your problem lies or you may be looking at top level issues like the gender pay gap and need a good place to start.Our audit looks at your data, collects a bit more from your people then benchmarks it to the context and the available research. The result: recommendations for your business.


We create on-going programmes aimed at shifting the behaviour of different groups, in the name of diversity.



Coaching isn’t just for the here and now; it should be solution-focused and lead to long-lasting behaviour change.



We don’t want to just see an improvement in the training room but a measurable, significant shift.



Lumina spark is a psychometric tool that doesn’t pigeon-hole – it embraces paradox.



Stop. In the name of love diversity before you promote unconscious bias and normalise negative behaviours. OK, it’s not as catchy as The Supremes’ track, but it’s our anthem.
We’re talking to senior management, middle management, graduates or millennials – we create ongoing programmes for each group to follow.

No programme is ever the same; we apply our knowledge and experience to each individual company or individual. What makes you different? How do your culture and processes affect the readiness for change?

Our Consultancy projects are wide-ranging, like broad-scope programmes looking at what needs a good shaking up within the company. Are your behaviours gendered and non-inclusive?

Are there activities in your company make-up that can be remodelled to ensure all employees have the same opportunity and recognition?

At the other end, we can put more targeted issues under the microscope. A well-resourced and managed mentoring scheme, women’s leadership programme or maternity coaching scheme can provide incredible focus and really move the agenda forwards.


Have you ever been in one of those interview situations where they ask you to use three words to describe yourself? Why is it so difficult? It’s because we rarely spend time thinking of ourselves, and focus more on measuring up the world around us.

Coaching promotes self-awareness, and enables your employees to make well thought-out decisions based on their discoveries. Coaching is an enabler; a crutch that will prop them up as they need it. Coaching will mean they can perform in the future without ongoing support… unless you take the initiative and think they could do with a top up. 

So how do we do it?

Our methods are varied, *and obviously absolutely top secret*, but let’s start with the practicalities; are we talking 1:1, or in a group? 1:1 coaching comes into its own when you’re trying to work through a particular issue, while team coaching, can be hugely effective to create widespread change in your company. Powerful stuff, eh?

You’re a business, so you’re going to be thinking about what return on investment you’ll get – either financially or culturally –  within your workforce. We get it. Well,  we can aid an employee into a new role, enhance their self-confidence and give them a more strategic approach to their career development. And who doesn’t want an army of motivated, driven individuals? Maternity coaching, for one, leads to improved engagement for mothers pre- and post- the birth of their child.

Similarly, we’re aware that in the world of business, it sure ain’t roses all of the time. Coaching can have a significant impact on issues such as low performance, anti-social behaviour and work-related stress.


Our training has evolved over the years, and – naturellement – it reflects the areas that we most often get asked to help with.

As we all work harder, faster and juggle our lives and careers, it can be difficult, daunting and downright bloody tiring trying to assert your voice in the workplace. Building confidence, resilience and learning how to better influence others around us can help us – not just now – but as we progress, and like ripples, will have a beneficial effect on those around us.

The world of work continues to change; how is your organisation set up to accommodate millennials who have different expectations from their employers?

Our training is designed to create long-lasting behaviour changes that benefit the individual, their team and the wider organisation.


We like to think we’re all different, and you know what – we are. Helpfully though, we also conform to our own unique combination of recognised traits; traits that are all represented in the profiling method, Lumina.

Lumina’s strength is that instead of pigeonholing, it embraces the paradox within all of our personalities.

How is Lumina different from other psychometric tools? Well, many take on a kind of zodiac approach, trying to compartmentalise people as a definitive ‘type’. Now I don’t know about you, but we can sometimes seem like completely different people at the end of the day, to when we first woke up. Or even pre- and post-coffee. How about weekday you vs. weekend you? ‘Night in’ you – and perhaps most revealingly – ‘night out’ you.

A Lumina workshop can focus on a number of different objectives or we can create something bespoke to your needs. Here’s some examples:

  • Diagnostic profiling for teams and individuals
  • Group coaching
  • Communication styles
  • Talent spotting / identifying potential
  • Trouble-shooting poor-performing teams, or communication between teams
  • Recruitment or retention: get the optimum fit for a team, and identify ‘flight risks’

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