confidence is the real ‘power suit’


In the workplace of the future, experts predict that qualities like confidence, self-promotion and self-motivation will become increasingly important to success.

Well, the C word gets bandied around a lot, women we work with mention it a lot, we’ve felt it, lost it, admired it in others, even felt slightly queasy about it.

It is well documented that women report having less self-confidence, whilst citing it as an important characteristic of leadership.

This disconnect can hold them back from progressing in their careers, putting themselves forward for promotion, taking on stretching projects and negotiating their worth. Confidence can also affect how we respond in stressful situations and also our attitude to risk-taking.

Research from Harvard shows that first impressions are based on two parameters: competence and warmth. How we judge men and women is different on those two measures, understanding what first impression we create and how we can change it can be a useful first step to building the confidence to match our competence.


The aim of this workshop is to discover more about yourself, what you’re really good at, what might hold you back and what you should do more of. It’s not just about what you learn in the session but putting into practice some actual, concrete changes from tomorrow. We’ll use a mixture of theory, practice and exercises.

1. Recognise your Communication Styles
  • What’s your communication style?
  • What are your natural qualities, your default, your ‘A’ game?
  • Building rapport with others, including your polar oposite.

  • How do you contribute to a team
2. Personal impact, be heard and more visible
  • How to tackle nerves and build self-confidence
  • What your body language is saying about you
  • Techniques to improve authority and gravitas, making a great first impression
3. Strengths assessment, smash your potential
  • What are your strengths from someone else perspective?
  • Find your role model
  • Networking skills
  • Setting your personal action plan

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