Maternity, Motherhood & Work

This drop in ‘clinic style’ session is aimed at women returning to work whilst working from home.

Tuesday 24/11  1-2pm

What is it?

This drop in session is designed to provide a forum for mothers who are contemplating their return to work whilst we all work from home or those who are contemplating their return in the next month or two.  Some organisations provide maternity coaching for returning mums but many don’t!  We recognise how difficult this is to achieve (especially whilst we mostly work from home) and without the usual support of colleagues and friends.   We wanted to offer this to anyone who needed support. 

Who should come?

It’s aimed at mums who have recently returned to work or those who will be doing so in the next couple of months.  Anyone from any sector is welcome.

What will they get out of it?

  • Access to highly experienced maternity coaches.  We have been coaching women through the maternity transition within organisations for more than 10 years.  
  • A chance to meet other mothers who are going through this process and swap notes
  • Tips and advice on how to manage your return

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