After coaching hundreds of mothers through the maternity transition for the past 10 years, we are now happily starting to work with those who are taking up parental leave or adoption leave. The parental transition is different e.g. it is often shorter and there is no physical transformation, however, the same likelihood of career stagnation and difficulty at work is possible.

At Birdsoup we have identified several systematic ‘pain points’ around becoming a parent which can have serious implications for careers and an organisations’ future growth. Some examples of these are:

Taking leave – Unlike mothers, there are no obvious physical changes that signal the forthcoming birth. Preparing to take time off work (for possibly the first time in many years) is daunting and needs to be handled well. Discussing both the feelings and logistics around this can promote a more successful return.

The return to work – the logistics and pressures felt by mothers at return are very similar for those taking parental leave. Working with parents to help them manage their return, any changes at work, and their new responsibilities can ensure they remain engaged and productive.

Ongoing parenthood – the job of being a parent doesn’t stop after parental leave ends and many struggle to adapt their way of thinking about work/life. Coaching post return helps parents re-focus their priorities and continue to share the load into the future.

Why Birdsoup PARENTAL coaching?

At Birdsoup we have a developed pragmatic approach designed to helping both employers and mothers manage the parental transition well. We understand the needs and tolerance levels of businesses with regard to flexibility vs productivity. We work with parents and employers throughout to encourage dialogue, engagement and career progression.

The coaching programme divides into two stages:

1. Pre-parental leave

In these sessions, our coaches focus on helping the parent to deal with any situations they may encounter whilst they are preparing to leave. These could include: parental leave cover and how to be involved in the recruitment, practical issues around leaving work and being at home. They also help the parents scenario plan their ideal return and if they require any changes to their working hours or circumstances and consider the realities of their own personal situation on return

(1 x 1hr session)

2. Return to work

Once the employee returns to work they face a different range of potential anxieties. At this stage our coaches will help them identify any logistical/practical solutions to issues such as childcare, work/life balance and managing the expectations of their co-workers, partners and care providers. We also focus on helping parents re-engage with work
beyond the logistical challenges and help them to think about their future career plans, goal setting and career planning.

Our parental coaching programme leads to higher retention and engagement from the get go. We receive many referrals from women we have coached who have found the programme essential for them to get the most out of their jobs and their families.

(3 x 1hr sessions)


The package comprises:
4 x 1 hr coaching sessions plus all preparation, individualised homework/development tasks and communication between sessions


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